In the ambition to be great we must have great values and great ethics.

A developed values system is like a compass. It should point you in the right direction when you’re lost.

Yesterday after 57 days on the UK furlough scheme I found myself unemployed. I am no doubt staring down the biggest challenge of my career and I will not go down without fighting for all the hard work spent building that career in the first place. I’m an introvert INFJ so I’m not accustomed to being active in social media, nor do I enjoy preening my personal brand but now is not the time for pity or collapse or solace. I have to put myself out there and show prospective employers what I’m all about. If you want to know what 22 years of on the job learnings looks like and you value people who really know themselves, then please read my values below. One important thing to take note of here is I am not venting my spleen. I have been crafting these values for a very long time and this is the rainy day I’ve been waiting for to share them publicly.

Ultimately the act of self expression through solving problems and creating new solutions not yet imagined is my sole purpose and calling in life. The pursuit of the revolutionary creative act is essential to who I am. I am an admirer of quality and I experience a perpetual yearning for perfection both in the new and the different. I appreciate all beautiful things, in art and daily life. I use my creative talent and strong imagination to bring my ideas into the material world for innovative, commercial purposes. I’m interested in new ways of seeing. Naturally proactive, this insightful curiosity means I see vision others can’t see. And because of my inner passion and beliefs, I experience foresight others can’t feel. From conception, through planning and into advancing the craft, I use improvisation alongside attention-to-detail to formulate exceptional communications and utilities.

I have a strong desire to ‘do the right thing’ by other people. I strive to support them and bring harmony to their lives if I feel there is a perceived imbalance or if I can help them achieve their fullest potential. As a catalyst for making things better, I frequently render my service to those in need. Collaborating and developing rapport either with direct leadership, mentoring or via indirect leadership by way of inspiring people through my work. I’m a people person who is gentle, patient and sympathetic — always striving to keep the peace, resolve conflicts and elicit group consensus. I try to present a pleasant personality, get along with others and be enjoyable to be around.

Morally obligated, I am a dependable and trustworthy person with a strong sense of moral responsibility and reliability to others. At work, my actions are guided by a sense of ethics and integrity. I am honest and principled so absolutely will not compromise my morals or try to get ahead at the expense of other colleagues. I offer authenticity, loyalty, and compassion to the people and institutions I serve with enthusiasm. I am disciplined, responsible and earnest and my virtue is my veracity and sense of industry.

I have a unique point of view on the world and through storytelling and analogy, I enjoy teaching and encouraging others to look at things from multiple perspectives. It is this free thinking that is progressive and develops society. I take my position as a teacher seriously and use that responsibility to nurture a prevailing wisdom and balance using written and spoken words that encourage the introspective envisioning of a new world. This idealism is the truth within each nature or context. It is the envisioning of a new world of structure, substance and logic. Education is the incorporation of inspiration, idealism and expertise and I believe I have a role in providing these platforms to help move the agenda forwards.

My life’s purpose is spent in the pursuit of more wisdom and greater understanding through curiosity, discovery and exploration. I am intellectual, philosophical, and deeply intuitive — especially through the spiritual aspects of my makeup. Through the powers of concentration and reflection I use my intelligence and intuition in figuring out new ways forward that change the current reality. It begins with deep introspection — looking inward for answers and clarity. Then through lateral thinking I analyse, dissect, examine, and consider things from every angle for a more effective way of problem solving. My faith in my ability to think my way out of trouble makes me hugely optimistic in my world view and through that lens everything becomes an adventure to investigate and to experience, forcing progress through idealism, daring and courage. This is the pursuit of innovation, new birth, quality and perfection.

In the fight against self destructive hedonistic lifestyle habits I always choose life. I want to be around for a long time, not only for my children but because I have a thirst to achieve so many things. I cannot reach these goals with a poor diet or by a lack of mobility. My job in front of a computer, or a layout pad, means I live a sedentary 9 to 5 lifestyle so I feel obligated to move more in my spare time. Inside I am full of energy for most of everyday. This is related to my active creative mind and my idealistic, enterprising nature. Being holistically full of vitality and enthusiasm transfers itself into a thirst for activity and having a zeal for life is the perfect mindset for sport. All of this intent leads perfectly into football, which is my salvation and always transports me back to my youth when I play it.

For me, the number one ingredient in leading others is emotional intelligence. Having control over your emotions means you can cope with every interaction in a grown up way. When you are not led by emotion you are decisive and confident in your decisions. Part of this is empathetic listening in a gentle, non-judgemental and facilitative structure. Using this constructive mode of communication is leading by example and demonstrates a positive, understanding of coworker, friend or family member as a role model. Having this sense of perspective and patience are motivating factors for the majority of people. Add to that, entrepreneurial spirit combined with strategic thinking and an industrious, goal oriented attitude and you have squared the circle.

I’m an extremely insightful and reflective introvert sculpting a life based on love, integrity, justice and vision through the exploration of my inner self. Being honest, sensitive and brave with a positive attitude, I’m not afraid to be direct or to live with the consequences of sharing my true point of view on a subject. My mantra is, ‘Tell the truth and one day you’ll get found out.’ That said, I am capable of understanding many different viewpoints and I’m comfortable interacting with people of diverse races and backgrounds. I’m people-centred. A humanitarian who is considerate, caring and friendly. Strong, sensitive and brave with a desire and stamina to serve. I’m resilient, principled and passionately loaded with high ideals. I’m willing to compromise my interests for the benefit of the group around me and when needed, I’ll always come to the rescue.

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